Dsquared2 Children's Fashion Clothing




Dsquared2 makes its big debut in children's fashion with a spot-on collection of mini me style for children, girls and boys. The clever mix of an irreverent Canadian spirit and refined Italian tailoring together with a strong attention to details, make it a unique and provocative brand with an alternative and original vision of Made in Italy luxury.

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Dsquared2 - FLUO SNEAKERS FOR GIRLS Dsquared2 Fluo Sneakers For Girls da € 238,00
Dsquared2 - LOGO SNEAKERS FOR GIRLS Dsquared2 Logo Sneakers For Girls da € 220,00
Dsquared2 - LOGO SNEAKERS FOR BOYS Dsquared2 Logo Sneakers For Boys da € 200,00
Dsquared2 - BOY AND TEEN WHITE SHIRT Dsquared2 Boy And Teen White Shirt € 130,00
Dsquared2 - UNISEX WHITE LOGO SWEATSHIRT Dsquared2 Unisex White Logo Sweatshirt € 160,00
Dsquared2 - UNISEX WHITE AND BLACK SNEAKERS Dsquared2 Unisex White And Black Sneakers da € 208,00
Dsquared2 - FUCHSIA SWEATSHIRT FOR GIRL Dsquared2 Fuchsia Sweatshirt For Girl € 150,00
Dsquared2 - FUCHSIA SNEAKERS FOR GIRLS Dsquared2 Fuchsia Sneakers For Girls da € 238,00
Dsquared2 - SPORTS SHORTS FOR BOYS Dsquared2 Sports Shorts For Boys € 190,00
Dsquared2 - LOGO SHIRT FOR BOYS Dsquared2 Logo Shirt For Boys € 140,00
Dsquared2 - DESTROYED TROUSERS FOR BOYS Dsquared2 Destroyed Trousers For Boys € 300,00
Dsquared2 - GIRL BLACK LOGO T-SHIRT Dsquared2 Girl Black Logo T-Shirt € 90,00
Dsquared2 - JOGGER FIT PANTS FOR BOYS Dsquared2 Jogger Fit Pants For Boys € 130,00
Dsquared2 - HOODIE FOR BOY AND TEEN Dsquared2 Hoodie For Boy And Teen € 150,00
Dsquared2 - BOY BLACK SHORTS Dsquared2 Boy Black Shorts € 140,00
Dsquared2 - BOY JOGGER FIT PANTS Dsquared2 Boy Jogger Fit Pants € 190,00