Elsy Girls Clothing




Essential and refined lines, enriched with precious embroidery for an irresistibly glamorous attitude, perfect for Ceremonies and the most elegant events. Daywear for girls with pastel colors in denim or white. The new Collection characterized by aesthetic sobriety and refined elegance, a Made in Italy brand.

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Elsy - LITTLE GIRL GLITTER JEANS Elsy Little Girl Glitter Jeans da € 66,00da € 46,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL BLUE COTTON LOVE TOP Elsy Girl Blue Cotton Love Top da € 56,00da € 39,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL BLUE SEQUIN DRESS Elsy Girl Blue Sequin Dress da € 130,00da € 91,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL WHITE CHECK SHIRT Elsy Girl White Check Shirt da € 72,00da € 50,00 Sale
Elsy - LITTLE GIRL WHITE COTTON BLEND TOP Elsy Little Girl White Cotton Blend Top da € 40,00da € 28,00 Sale
Elsy - Long sleeve Top with text for Girls Elsy Long Sleeve Top With Text For Girls da € 69,00da € 48,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL BLUE SEQUIN SWEATSHIRT Elsy Girl Blue Sequin Sweatshirt da € 66,00da € 46,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL STRIPED TOP Elsy Girl Striped Top da € 82,00da € 57,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL PINK COAT WITH DETACHABLE FUR Elsy Girl Pink Coat With Detachable Fur da € 207,00da € 145,00 Sale
Elsy - LITTLE GIRL TOP WITH BEAR PRINT Elsy Little Girl Top With Bear Print da € 66,00da € 46,00 Sale
Elsy - White top with queen design for Girls Elsy White Top With Queen Design For Girls da € 42,00da € 29,00 Sale
Elsy - Blue Sweater for Teen Girls Elsy Blue Sweater For Teen Girls da € 90,00da € 63,00 Sale
Elsy - Blue cotton sweater for Girls Elsy Blue Cotton Sweater For Girls da € 28,00da € 20,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL BLUE SEQUIN HOODIE Elsy Girl Blue Sequin Hoodie da € 125,00da € 88,00 Sale
Elsy - LITTLE GIRL BLUE CROPPED PANTS Elsy Little Girl Blue Cropped Pants da € 53,00da € 37,00 Sale
Elsy - Pink Sweater for Girls Elsy Pink Sweater For Girls da € 82,00da € 57,00 Sale
Elsy - Gray sweater with bear print for Girls Elsy Gray Sweater With Bear Print For Girls da € 48,00da € 34,00 Sale
Elsy - GIRL DRESS WITH SEQUIN PATCHES Elsy Girl Dress With Sequin Patches da € 114,00da € 80,00 Sale
Elsy - LITTLE GIRL STRIPED TOP WITH TULLE Elsy Little Girl Striped Top With Tulle da € 90,00da € 63,00 Sale
Elsy - LITTLE GIRL BLUE CHECK TROUSERS Elsy Little Girl Blue Check Trousers da € 61,00da € 43,00 Sale