Freedomday Baby and Teen Parkas




A collection of charming Parkas Boy & Girl, of great energy and vitality. Two models of Parka, Bormio and Chamonix, respectively for the boy and girl, characterized by an exclusive design, attention to detail, quality of materials and a comfortable fit. Wonderful finishes, all-over interior prints in bright colours and quality removable fur.

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Freedomday - WATERPROOF JACKET FOR GIRL Freedomday Waterproof Jacket For Girl € 113,00
Freedomday - RED JACKET FOR TEEN AND BOY Freedomday Red Jacket For Teen And Boy € 122,00
Freedomday - TEEN AND BOY LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET Freedomday Teen And Boy Lightweight Jacket € 122,00
Freedomday - ECO-LEATHER JACKET FOR GIRL Freedomday Eco-Leather Jacket For Girl € 140,00
Freedomday - ECO-LEATHER JACKET FOR GIRLS Freedomday Eco-Leather Jacket For Girls € 140,00
Freedomday - GIRL WATERPROOF JACKET Freedomday Girl Waterproof Jacket € 113,00
Freedomday - GIRLS WATERPROOF JACKET Freedomday Girls Waterproof Jacket € 146,00
Freedomday - AMELIA JACKET FOR GIRLS Freedomday Amelia Jacket For Girls € 146,00
Freedomday - GIRL LIGHTWEIGHT PURPLE JACKET Freedomday Girl Lightweight Purple Jacket € 113,00
Freedomday - BOY LIGHTWEIGHT GREEN JACKET Freedomday Boy Lightweight Green Jacket € 122,00
Freedomday - BABY GIRL NOVA DOWN JACKET Freedomday Baby Girl Nova Down Jacket € 230,00€ 159,00 Sale
Freedomday - BRIGHT RED BORMIO PARKA Freedomday Bright Red Bormio Parka € 235,00
Freedomday - BABY GIRL NOVA SWEET PINK COAT Freedomday Baby Girl Nova Sweet Pink Coat € 230,00€ 159,00 Sale
Freedomday - BORMIO PARKA FOR BOYS Freedomday Bormio Parka For Boys € 235,00
Freedomday - BABY BOY CASPER DOWN COAT Freedomday Baby Boy Casper Down Coat € 159,00
Freedomday - BOY BLACK BORMIO PARKA Freedomday Boy Black Bormio Parka € 235,00
Freedomday - MERCURY DOWN JACKET FOR BOY Freedomday Mercury Down Jacket For Boy € 157,00
Freedomday - MONTANA DOWN COAT FOR GIRLS Freedomday Montana Down Coat For Girls € 186,00
Freedomday - LOSANNA BLUE PARKA FOR GIRL Freedomday Losanna Blue Parka For Girl € 281,00€ 197,00 Sale