Il Gufo Children's Wear




Children’s clothes signed “il gufo” are characterised by a modern and elegant taste in style. Soft and delicate shapes that reflect the joyful spirit of kids and babies. High quality materials and perfection to detail are the final touch for a classic kids wardrobe.

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Il Gufo - SLEEVELESS SHIRT FOR GIRLS Il Gufo Sleeveless Shirt For Girls da € 148,00
Il Gufo - LITTLE BOY WHITE TROUSERS Il Gufo Little Boy White Trousers da € 70,00
Il Gufo - BABY BOYS WHITE COTTON SHIRT Il Gufo Baby Boys White Cotton Shirt da € 73,00
Il Gufo - WHITE LINEN SHORTS FOR GIRLS Il Gufo White Linen Shorts For Girls da € 60,00
Il Gufo - GIRL STRIPED TOP WITH BOW Il Gufo Girl Striped Top With Bow da € 95,00
Il Gufo - BOY BERMUDA SHORTS WITH POCKETS Il Gufo Boy Bermuda Shorts With Pockets da € 95,00
Il Gufo - BOYS STRIPED BERMUDA SHORTS Il Gufo Boys Striped Bermuda Shorts da € 105,00
Il Gufo - WHITE LINEN SHIRT FOR BOY Il Gufo White Linen Shirt For Boy da € 88,00
Il Gufo - BLUE COTTON CARDIGAN FOR GIRLS Il Gufo Blue Cotton Cardigan For Girls da € 103,00
Il Gufo - LITTLE GIRLS STRIPED TROUSERS Il Gufo Little Girls Striped Trousers da € 108,00
Il Gufo - BABY BOY BLAZER JACKET Il Gufo Baby Boy Blazer Jacket da € 118,00
Il Gufo - BLUE LINEN DRESS FOR GIRLS Il Gufo Blue Linen Dress For Girls da € 158,00
Il Gufo - LINEN TROUSERS FOR GIRLS Il Gufo Linen Trousers For Girls da € 78,00
Il Gufo - BABY BOY ELEGANT BLUE SHORTS Il Gufo Baby Boy Elegant Blue Shorts da € 50,00
Il Gufo - BABY BOY WHITE COTTON SHIRT 01 Il Gufo Baby Boy White Cotton Shirt 01 da € 70,00
Il Gufo - BABY BOY STRIPED VEST Il Gufo Baby Boy Striped Vest da € 85,00
Il Gufo - COTTON CARDIGAN FOR BABY BOY Il Gufo Cotton Cardigan For Baby Boy da € 75,00