Les Coyotes de Paris Fashion for Girls and Teen



Iconic shapes, twisted into modern silhouettes

Directly from Amsterdam, the new Les Coyotes de Paris brand tells about a timeless wardrobe. Jackets, outerwear, dresses, skirts in which elements such as stripes and patches, inspired by the '60s and' 70s, are mixed and renewed in a modern look with a true Parisian spirit. Les Coyotes de Paris is very popular with girls and teens for its unique style.

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Les Coyotes De Paris - BLACK TROUSERS FOR GIRL Les Coyotes De Paris Black Trousers For Girl € 140,00€ 98,00 Sale
Les Coyotes De Paris - GIRL BEIGE TROUSERS Les Coyotes De Paris Girl Beige Trousers € 124,00€ 87,00 Sale