Mimilù Ceremonius Collection




The Mimilù Ceremonies Collection re-elaborate the concept of the classic dress for the first communion, for baptism or for any other special occasion of the children. Mimilù Ceremonial Creations are strictly "Made in Spain", made with artisan tailoring processes and using materials and fabrics of the highest quality.

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Mimilú - ELEGANT WHITE SHRUG FOR GIRLS Mimilú Elegant White Shrug For Girls da € 64,00
Mimilú - CEREMONY SHORT SHRUG FOR GIRLS Mimilú Ceremony Short Shrug For Girls da € 64,00
Mimilú - GIRL ELEGANT WHITE DRESS Mimilú Girl Elegant White Dress da € 127,00
Mimilú - ELEGANT WHITE DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Elegant White Dress For Girls da € 198,00
Mimilú - GIRL LILAC CEREMONY SHRUG Mimilú Girl Lilac Ceremony Shrug da € 77,00
Mimilú - ELEGANT RED DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Elegant Red Dress For Girls da € 154,00
Mimilú - FLOWER DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Flower Dress For Girls da € 137,00
Mimilú - CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Ceremony Dress For Girls da € 167,00
Mimilú - WHITE DRESS FOR BABY GIRLS Mimilú White Dress For Baby Girls da € 102,00
Mimilú - BABY GIRL BAPTISM DRESS Mimilú Baby Girl Baptism Dress da € 134,00
Mimilú - GIRL WHITE BOW DRESS Mimilú Girl White Bow Dress da € 125,00
Mimilú - ECRU CEREMONY SHRUG FOR GIRLS Mimilú Ecru Ceremony Shrug For Girls da € 85,00
Mimilú - WHITE LACE DRESS FOR GIRL Mimilú White Lace Dress For Girl da € 256,00
Mimilú - RED CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Red Ceremony Dress For Girls da € 143,00
Mimilú - BOW DRESS FOR GIRLS Mimilú Bow Dress For Girls da € 214,00
Mimilú - GIRLS CEREMONY DRESS Mimilú Girls Ceremony Dress da € 132,00
Mimilú - GIRLS ELEGANT DRESS Mimilú Girls Elegant Dress da € 145,00