MOSCHINO (Pants, Sweatpants, Jeans, Bermuda shorts)


Moschino Baby, Junior & Teen

Ironic pieces reminiscent of the fashion house’s iconic symbols

Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house created in 1983 by the designer Franco Moschino, that soon became famous all over the world, thanks to the classic garments reinterpreted in a vivacious, ironic and a bit provocative way. Moschino Kids Collections propose clothing and accessories for children and teenagers, characterized by high-quality fabrics, vivid colours and fun print, inspired by the brand iconic symbols.

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Moschino - UNISEX RED SWEATPANTS Moschino Unisex Red Sweatpants € 49,00
Moschino - UNISEX BLACK SWEATPANTS Moschino Unisex Black Sweatpants € 55,00
Moschino - BABY BOY COTTON SWEATSHORTS Moschino Baby Boy Cotton Sweatshorts € 69,00€ 48,00 Sale
Moschino - BLUE SWEATPANTS FOR BABY BOYS Moschino Blue Sweatpants For Baby Boys € 49,00€ 34,00 Sale
Moschino - COTTON SWEATSHORTS FOR BOYS Moschino Cotton Sweatshorts For Boys da € 74,00da € 52,00 Sale
Moschino - RED SWEATPANTS FOR BABY BOYS Moschino Red Sweatpants For Baby Boys € 49,00€ 34,00 Sale