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The Orimusi brand stands out for its innovative clothing. The shapes and models of the Orimusi collections are taken care of down to the smallest detail, in order to create real design garments that are able to safeguard comfort and freedom of movement. The characteristic of each garment lies in its original shape avoiding the use of decorations, all the attention is placed on the manufacture and harmony of each outfit.

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Orimusi - SPILLA GIRL IVAN BIANCA Orimusi Spilla Girl Ivan Bianca € 12,00
Orimusi - PANTALONE ARGO NERO GIRL Orimusi Pantalone Argo Nero Girl € 79,00€ 55,00 Sale
Orimusi - SPILLA GIRL IVAN NERA Orimusi Spilla Girl Ivan Nera € 12,00
Orimusi - SHORTS NERI A PIEGHE BAMBINA Orimusi Shorts Neri A Pieghe Bambina da € 75,00da € 52,00 Sale
Orimusi - TOP CLINIO A RIGHE BAMBINA Orimusi Top Clinio A Righe Bambina da € 62,00da € 43,00 Sale
Orimusi - TOP GALILEO BIANCO BAMBINA Orimusi Top Galileo Bianco Bambina da € 69,00da € 48,00 Sale