Péro Girls Clothing




Péro which means "to wear", creates a simple outfit for girls and teens with Indian atmospheres, from the European style with soft, comfortable and at the same time very refined clothes. Aneeth Arora, a fashion designer originally from Rajasthan, is inspired by the way of dressing of the local Indian population, that its creations are made with raw cotton fabric and dyed by hand. A real treat for girls and teens who are lovers of the most exclusive craftsmanship.

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Péro - ABITO ECRU BAMBINA E BEBé Péro Abito Ecru Bambina E Bebé da € 348,00da € 244,00 Sale
Péro - ABITO ECRU BEBè E BAMBINA Péro Abito Ecru Bebè E Bambina € 533,00€ 373,00 Sale
Péro - ABITO BAMBINA BIANCO A FIORI Péro Abito Bambina Bianco A Fiori € 389,00€ 233,00 Sale
Péro - ABITO FLOREALE ROSSO BAMBINA Péro Abito Floreale Rosso Bambina € 395,00€ 237,00 Sale
Péro - ABITO BAMBINA IN LANA E PIZZO Péro Abito Bambina In Lana E Pizzo da € 317,00