2Star Footwear for Children and Teenagers




2STAR is a famous Italian brand that produces an exclusive collection of footwear for children and teenagers, shoes made for those who love style and comfort, designed to last. Their metropolitan style is unmistakable and of great trend among young fashion addicts: the stone washed effect, the vintage touch and the captivating design of the 2STAR models make them a must have for the those who never want to go unnoticed

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2Star - Sneaker Low Bianca Grigia Teen 2Star Sneaker Low Bianca Grigia Teen da € 93,00da € 47,00 Sale
2Star - Sneaker Low Bianca Blue Teen 2Star Sneaker Low Bianca Blue Teen da € 93,00da € 47,00 Sale
Nostrasantissima - GIACCA BLAZER NERA Nostrasantissima Giacca Blazer Nera € 242,00€ 182,00 Sale
Nostrasantissima - GIACCA BEIGE JUNIOR Nostrasantissima Giacca Beige Junior € 242,00€ 182,00 Sale
Nostrasantissima - GIACCA BLAZER BEIGE Nostrasantissima Giacca Blazer Beige € 242,00€ 182,00 Sale
Nostrasantissima - T-SHIRT GIRL BIANCA Nostrasantissima T-Shirt Girl Bianca € 85,00€ 64,00 Sale