Babe & Tess Children's Wear




Once again we are thrilled by following trends expressed by the designer Paola Mazzochin, preferring the refined combinations of nuances with delicate tones such as turtledove, gray and cream, which have always characterized Babe & Tess. A sophisticated and at times surprising children’s clothes collection. The Quality of its materials, wearability and comfort for girls and children continue to be essential aspects.

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Paio Crippa - BABY UNISEX WHITE SHIRT Paio Crippa Baby Unisex White Shirt da € 57,00
Paio Crippa - BLUE SHORTS FOR LITTLE BOY Paio Crippa Blue Shorts For Little Boy € 52,00
Paio Crippa - WHITE SHIRT FOR LITTLE BOYS Paio Crippa White Shirt For Little Boys da € 57,00
Paio Crippa - ELEGANT OUTFIT FOR BABY BOYS Paio Crippa Elegant Outfit For Baby Boys € 125,00
Paio Crippa - UNISEX WHITE SHIRT FOR BABY Paio Crippa Unisex White Shirt For Baby da € 57,00
Paio Crippa - BABY BOY STRIPED BERMUDA SHORTS Paio Crippa Baby Boy Striped Bermuda Shorts € 52,00
Babe & Tess - COTTON SHIRT FOR BABY BOY Babe & Tess Cotton Shirt For Baby Boy da € 64,00
Babe & Tess - PATTERNED BLOUSE FOR GIRL Babe & Tess Patterned Blouse For Girl da € 68,00
Paio Crippa - ELEGANT SUIT FOR BABY BOY Paio Crippa Elegant Suit For Baby Boy € 127,00
Paio Crippa - LITTLE BOYS COTTON SHIRT Paio Crippa Little Boys Cotton Shirt da € 57,00
Paio Crippa - LITTLE BOY WHITE SHIRT Paio Crippa Little Boy White Shirt da € 57,00
Paio Crippa - RED BERMUDA SHORTS FOR BOY Paio Crippa Red Bermuda Shorts For Boy € 52,00
Babe & Tess - LINEN TROUSERS FOR BABY BOY Babe & Tess Linen Trousers For Baby Boy da € 70,00
Babe & Tess - COTTON FUCHSIA TOP FOR GIRL Babe & Tess Cotton Fuchsia Top For Girl € 48,00
Paio Crippa - BLUE ROMPER FOR BABY BOYS Paio Crippa Blue Romper For Baby Boys € 73,00
Paio Crippa - STRIPED SHORTS FOR BABY BOYS Paio Crippa Striped Shorts For Baby Boys € 52,00
Babe & Tess - SUSPENDER SHORTS FOR BABY BOY Babe & Tess Suspender Shorts For Baby Boy € 61,00
Babe & Tess - LINEN CULOTTE FOR BABY GIRL Babe & Tess Linen Culotte For Baby Girl € 51,00
Babe & Tess - GIRL FUCHSIA COTTON SWEATSHIRT Babe & Tess Girl Fuchsia Cotton Sweatshirt € 65,00
Paio Crippa - OUTFIT FOR BABY BOY Paio Crippa Outfit For Baby Boy € 127,00