Tradition that looks at the future

Dondup is a young Made in Italy brand, born in the hills of the Marche region with the production of denim and established itself within a few years in the total look fashion sector for children and teenagers. In the Dondup Collections the tradition of craftsmanship meets modernity, giving life to sophisticated and high quality clothing, characterized by a classic style that has always looked at the future.

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Dondup - WHITE SHIRT FOR GIRLS Dondup White Shirt For Girls € 128,00
Dondup - WHITE TROUSERS FOR GIRL Dondup White Trousers For Girl € 198,00€ 139,00 Sale
Dondup - GIRL LIGHT BLUE SWEATSHIRT Dondup Girl Light Blue Sweatshirt € 110,00€ 77,00 Sale
Dondup - FADED JEANS FOR GIRLS Dondup Faded Jeans For Girls € 155,00€ 109,00 Sale
Dondup - BLUE COTTON T-SHIRT FOR GIRL Dondup Blue Cotton T-Shirt For Girl € 70,00€ 49,00 Sale
Dondup - WHITE BLOUSE WITH LOGO FOR GIRLS Dondup White Blouse With Logo For Girls € 200,00€ 140,00 Sale
Dondup - BOYS DISTRESSED DENIM JEANS Dondup Boys Distressed Denim Jeans € 165,00€ 116,00 Sale
Dondup - ELEGANT DRESS FOR GIRLS Dondup Elegant Dress For Girls € 168,00€ 118,00 Sale
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY OUTFIT FOR BOY Bella Brilly Ceremony Outfit For Boy € 196,00
Dondup - BOY WHITE COTTON SHIRT 01 Dondup Boy White Cotton Shirt 01 € 110,00€ 77,00 Sale
Dondup - DISTRESSED JEANS FOR GIRL Dondup Distressed Jeans For Girl € 188,00€ 132,00 Sale
Bella Brilly - WHITE CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRL Bella Brilly White Ceremony Dress For Girl da € 154,00
Dondup - UNISEX COTTON PRINT T-SHIRT Dondup Unisex Cotton Print T-Shirt € 78,00€ 55,00 Sale
Bella Brilly - ELEGANT SUIT FOR BOYS Bella Brilly Elegant Suit For Boys € 196,00
Dondup - BOY BLUE BLAZER JACKET Dondup Boy Blue Blazer Jacket € 200,00€ 140,00 Sale
Dondup - BLACK COTTON DRESS FOR GIRLS Dondup Black Cotton Dress For Girls € 160,00€ 112,00 Sale
Dondup - FADED DENIM JEANS FOR GIRLS Dondup Faded Denim Jeans For Girls € 170,00€ 119,00 Sale