The beautiful T-shirts, completely hand-drawn, come from the idea of creating a garment for girls that is the same as their mothers. Simple t-shirts with a great personality to wear on every occasion; over a pair of jeans or elegant trousers to show off an impeccable look.

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Moschino - GIRL AND TEEN WHITE SHORTS Moschino Girl And Teen White Shorts da € 69,00
Moschino - YELLOW HOODIE FOR BOY Moschino Yellow Hoodie For Boy da € 99,00
Moschino - BLACK LOGO SHORTS FOR GIRLS Moschino Black Logo Shorts For Girls da € 69,00
Moschino - LOGO SNEAKERS FOR GIRL Moschino Logo Sneakers For Girl da € 195,00
Moschino - LOGO PINK SWEATSHIRT FOR GIRLS Moschino Logo Pink Sweatshirt For Girls da € 89,00
Moschino - BABY TEDDY BEAR T-SHIRT Moschino Baby Teddy Bear T-Shirt € 59,00
Moschino - UNISEX T-SHIRT WITH TEDDY BEAR Moschino Unisex T-Shirt With Teddy Bear da € 89,00
Moschino - BOY TEDDY BEAR PRINT T-SHIRT Moschino Boy Teddy Bear Print T-Shirt da € 65,00
Moschino - UNISEX TEDDY BEAR WHITE T-SHIRT Moschino Unisex Teddy Bear White T-Shirt da € 80,00
Moschino - GIRL AND TEEN SLIP ON SNEAKERS Moschino Girl And Teen Slip On Sneakers da € 193,00
Moschino - TEDDY BEAR HOODIE FOR BABY Moschino Teddy Bear Hoodie For Baby € 99,00
Moschino - RED T-SHIRT WITH LOGO FOR GIRL Moschino Red T-Shirt With Logo For Girl da € 89,00