La Stupenderia Children's Clothing




The Quality of the fabrics, the cutting and manual finishing of each garment, sophisticated accessories and embroidery and the careful combination of colors, are the fundamental elements that determine the craftsmanship excellence of Made in Italy of the collections signed La Stupenderia. Precious items for those who consider their children the great joys and the true jewels of their existence.

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La Stupenderia - LITTLE GIRL SILK BLEND DRESS La Stupenderia Little Girl Silk Blend Dress da € 220,00da € 154,00 Sale
Lagoa - OCHRE SNEAKERS FOR BOYS Lagoa Ochre Sneakers For Boys € 99,00€ 49,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - ELEGANT BLOUSE FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Elegant Blouse For Girls da € 168,00da € 118,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - SEQUIN TROUSERS FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Sequin Trousers For Girls da € 153,00da € 107,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - IVORY TROUSERS FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Ivory Trousers For Girls da € 110,00da € 77,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - ELEGANT DRESS FOR LITTLE GIRLS La Stupenderia Elegant Dress For Little Girls da € 215,00da € 151,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - BABY GIRL BOW HEADBAND La Stupenderia Baby Girl Bow Headband € 98,00€ 69,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - GIRL PEARL PINK DRESS La Stupenderia Girl Pearl Pink Dress da € 333,00da € 233,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - ELEGANT DRESS FOR GIRL 01 La Stupenderia Elegant Dress For Girl 01 da € 270,00da € 189,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - PEARL GREY DRESS FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Pearl Grey Dress For Girls da € 370,00da € 259,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - BABY BOY SHIRT AND SHORTS SET La Stupenderia Baby Boy Shirt And Shorts Set da € 165,00da € 116,00 Sale
Lagoa - ELEGANT GIRONA SANDALS FOR GIRLS Lagoa Elegant Girona Sandals For Girls da € 85,00da € 60,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - DRESS WITH BOW FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Dress With Bow For Girls da € 378,00da € 265,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - GIRL FLOWER DRESS La Stupenderia Girl Flower Dress da € 295,00da € 207,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - BABY ONE PIECE ROMPER SUIT La Stupenderia Baby One Piece Romper Suit da € 160,00da € 112,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - ELEGANT JACKET FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Elegant Jacket For Girls da € 230,00da € 161,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - ELEGANT TOP FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Elegant Top For Girls da € 158,00da € 111,00 Sale
La Stupenderia - OLD ROSE CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRLS La Stupenderia Old Rose Ceremony Dress For Girls da € 225,00da € 158,00 Sale
Lagoa - LYON BLUE SNEAKERS FOR BOYS Lagoa Lyon Blue Sneakers For Boys da € 89,00da € 44,00 Sale
Lagoa - UNISEX LYON WHITE SNEAKERS Lagoa Unisex Lyon White Sneakers da € 89,00da € 62,00 Sale