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The Lagoa World Junior style is a well-balanced mix between Italian footwear tradition and a fresh feel with metropolitan tones, definitely glamorous. The characteristic of this footwear is its rope bottom, obtained from craft processes in full respect of the environment, perfect in the summer for girls and teens who love quality, attention to detail and a refined and unique style. Welcome to the world of Lagoa Junior!

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Lagoa - SILVER SANDALS FOR GIRLS Lagoa Silver Sandals For Girls da € 85,00
Lagoa - GOLD SANDALS FOR GIRLS Lagoa Gold Sandals For Girls da € 85,00
Lagoa - ALICANTE SANDALS FOR GIRLS Lagoa Alicante Sandals For Girls da € 78,00
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY OUTFIT FOR BOY Bella Brilly Ceremony Outfit For Boy € 196,00
Lagoa - UNISEX LYON WHITE SNEAKERS Lagoa Unisex Lyon White Sneakers da € 89,00
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY DRESS FOR BABY GIRL Bella Brilly Ceremony Dress For Baby Girl € 112,00
Lagoa - LYON BLUE SNEAKERS FOR BOYS Lagoa Lyon Blue Sneakers For Boys da € 89,00
Bella Brilly - WHITE DRESS FOR BABY GIRL Bella Brilly White Dress For Baby Girl € 112,00
Bella Brilly - WHITE CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRL Bella Brilly White Ceremony Dress For Girl da € 154,00
Bella Brilly - ELEGANT SUIT FOR BOYS Bella Brilly Elegant Suit For Boys € 196,00
Bella Brilly - GIRLS ELEGANT WHITE DRESS Bella Brilly Girls Elegant White Dress da € 92,00
Bella Brilly - GIRL CEREMONY DRESS 01 Bella Brilly Girl Ceremony Dress 01 da € 126,00
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY SUIT FOR BOYS Bella Brilly Ceremony Suit For Boys € 196,00