le Bebè Enfant Clothes for babies and new born




The creations Bebè Enfant are inspired by the celebration and enhancement of the most important and unforgettable moment of life: the birth of a child. A collection entirely dedicated to children's clothing made with the highest quality materials, entirely Made in Italy. The Bebè collection is dedicated above all to romantic mothers who love soft and delicate clothes, enriched with precious details that make them unique and perfect for every baby.

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Bella Brilly - CEREMONY OUTFIT FOR BOY Bella Brilly Ceremony Outfit For Boy € 196,00
Bella Brilly - WHITE CEREMONY DRESS FOR GIRL Bella Brilly White Ceremony Dress For Girl da € 154,00
Bella Brilly - ELEGANT SUIT FOR BOYS Bella Brilly Elegant Suit For Boys € 196,00
Bella Brilly - WHITE DRESS FOR BABY GIRL Bella Brilly White Dress For Baby Girl € 112,00
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY DRESS FOR BABY GIRL Bella Brilly Ceremony Dress For Baby Girl € 112,00
Bella Brilly - GIRL CEREMONY DRESS 01 Bella Brilly Girl Ceremony Dress 01 da € 126,00
Bella Brilly - CEREMONY SUIT FOR BOYS Bella Brilly Ceremony Suit For Boys € 196,00
Bella Brilly - GIRLS ELEGANT WHITE DRESS Bella Brilly Girls Elegant White Dress da € 92,00
Le Bebé Enfant - TUTINA ROSA BEBè Le Bebé Enfant Tutina Rosa Bebè € 83,00
Le Bebé Enfant - Tutina in cotone con collo rouge bianco latte Le Bebé Enfant Tutina In Cotone Con Collo Rouge Bianco Latte € 89,00€ 66,00 Sale
Le Bebé Enfant - COPERTINA NEONATA ROSA IN JERSEY DI COTONE Le Bebé Enfant Copertina Neonata Rosa In Jersey Di Cotone € 83,00€ 62,00 Sale
Le Bebé Enfant - Completino nascita in cotone bianco ottico Le Bebé Enfant Completino Nascita In Cotone Bianco Ottico € 67,00€ 50,00 Sale
Le Bebé Enfant - Completo bebè bianco e celeste cotone e lino Le Bebé Enfant Completo Bebè Bianco E Celeste Cotone E Lino € 107,00€ 80,00 Sale