Saucony Kid Running Shoes 0-18




Saucony is specialized in the production of high quality and high performance technical running shoes that have earned the respect and loyalty of numerous athletes and racing fans all over the world. These prestigious achievements, achieved in many years of history experienced by industry leaders, have led Saucony to create a line dedicated to children, girls and teenagers equally valid with surprising results.

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Oji - Gray sweatshirt for Girls Oji Gray Sweatshirt For Girls € 46,00€ 23,00 Sale
Oji - Gray jogging pants unisex Oji Gray Jogging Pants Unisex € 58,00€ 29,00 Sale
Oji - GIRL WHITE AKITA PRINT T-SHIRT Oji Girl White Akita Print T-Shirt € 29,00€ 15,00 Sale
Oji - BOY PINOCCHIO PRINT SWEATSHIRT Oji Boy Pinocchio Print Sweatshirt € 46,00€ 23,00 Sale
Oji - Blue cotton joggins pants unisex Oji Blue Cotton Joggins Pants Unisex € 53,00€ 27,00 Sale
Oji - Red Sweatshirt with Logo Oji Red Sweatshirt With Logo € 43,00€ 22,00 Sale
Oji - BOY T-SHIRT WITH PINOCCHIO PRINT Oji Boy T-Shirt With Pinocchio Print € 29,00€ 15,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER JAZZ COBALTO BAMBINO Saucony Sneaker Jazz Cobalto Bambino € 78,00€ 55,00 Sale
Saucony - Sneaker Jazz Boys Cielo-Bianco Jr Saucony Sneaker Jazz Boys Cielo-Bianco Jr € 81,00€ 57,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER JAZZ ORIGINAL GIRL GRIGIA ROSA E BIANCA Saucony Sneaker Jazz Original Girl Grigia Rosa E Bianca € 81,00€ 57,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER JAZZ HL BABY ROSA TURCHESE E LIME Saucony Sneaker Jazz Hl Baby Rosa Turchese E Lime € 67,00€ 47,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER BABY JAZZ HL cobalto Saucony Sneaker Baby Jazz Hl Cobalto € 67,00€ 47,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER JAZZ BOYS CIELO-BIANCO Saucony Sneaker Jazz Boys Cielo-Bianco € 78,00€ 55,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER JAZZ GRIGIO-FUCSIA Saucony Sneaker Jazz Grigio-Fucsia € 78,00€ 55,00 Sale
Saucony - SNEAKER BOYS JAZZ GRIGIE Saucony Sneaker Boys Jazz Grigie € 78,00
Saucony - SNEAKER GIRLS JAZZ ROSSE Saucony Sneaker Girls Jazz Rosse € 78,00