Burberry Child New Collections




From the classic trench coat to the unmistakable check print, to the undisputed tartan, Burberry proposes the prêt à porter garments in miniature, becoming a must-have for an always chic child.

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Burberry - RED BODY WARMER FOR BOYS Burberry Red Body Warmer For Boys € 292,00
Burberry - PINK BODY WARMER FOR GIRLS Burberry Pink Body Warmer For Girls € 292,00
Burberry - UNISEX BLACK TROUSERS Burberry Unisex Black Trousers € 151,00
Burberry - WOOL DUFFLE COAT FOR GIRLS Burberry Wool Duffle Coat For Girls € 473,00
Burberry - BLACK TRENCH COAT FOR GIRL Burberry Black Trench Coat For Girl € 791,00
Burberry - LOGO SWEATSHIRT FOR GIRLS Burberry Logo Sweatshirt For Girls € 170,00
Burberry - CHECK SWEATSHIRT FOR GIRLS Burberry Check Sweatshirt For Girls € 192,00
Burberry - UNISEX VINTAGE CHECK SCARF Burberry Unisex Vintage Check Scarf € 211,00
Burberry - BABY UNISEX BLACK TROUSERS Burberry Baby Unisex Black Trousers € 122,00
Burberry - WOOL DUFFLE COAT FOR BOYS Burberry Wool Duffle Coat For Boys € 473,00
Burberry - CAPE COAT FOR GIRLS Burberry Cape Coat For Girls € 392,00
Burberry - TRENCH COAT FOR GIRLS Burberry Trench Coat For Girls € 791,00
Burberry - SWEATER DRESS FOR GIRLS Burberry Sweater Dress For Girls € 240,00
Burberry - OXFORD SHIRT FOR BABY BOYS Burberry Oxford Shirt For Baby Boys € 97,00