Little Ludo Dresses for Girls 0-18 years




A child collection with a refined style and attention to the quality of the materials, practicality and wear ability of each garment. Dresses for girls suitable for all occasions that perfectly combine a bon ton taste with an innovative design.

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Piccolaludo - GIRL FAUX-FUR SWEATSHIRT Piccolaludo Girl Faux-Fur Sweatshirt € 86,00
Piccolaludo - GIRL TOP WITH RUCHES Piccolaludo Girl Top With Ruches € 73,00
Piccolaludo - T-SHIRT WITH RUCHES FOR GIRL Piccolaludo T-Shirt With Ruches For Girl € 73,00
Piccolaludo - FAUX FUR COAT FOR GIRL Piccolaludo Faux Fur Coat For Girl € 190,00
Piccolaludo - TOP WITH RUCHES FOR GIRLS Piccolaludo Top With Ruches For Girls € 70,00
Piccolaludo - GIRL DRESS WITH RUCHES Piccolaludo Girl Dress With Ruches € 190,00
Piccolaludo - GIRLS BLUE COTTON DRESS Piccolaludo Girls Blue Cotton Dress € 78,00
Piccolaludo - WOOL BERET FOR GIRL Piccolaludo Wool Beret For Girl € 75,00
Piccolaludo - HEART SWEATSHIRT FOR GIRLS Piccolaludo Heart Sweatshirt For Girls € 86,00
Piccolaludo - JEWEL BROOCH FOR GIRLS Piccolaludo Jewel Brooch For Girls € 17,00
Piccolaludo - BLACK WOOL BERET FOR GIRL Piccolaludo Black Wool Beret For Girl € 75,00
Piccolaludo - PLUSH DRESS FOR GIRLS Piccolaludo Plush Dress For Girls € 99,00
Piccolaludo - GIRL RED MAXI HOODIE Piccolaludo Girl Red Maxi Hoodie € 75,00
Piccolaludo - ELEGANT RED TOP FOR GIRLS Piccolaludo Elegant Red Top For Girls € 70,00